Pipeline and Google Account Information

How long do I get to keep my Pipeline and Google account?
Pipeline accounts and all associated school resources are to be used only for school related business. Your Pipeline account will be fully active and available to you while you are actively enrolled in courses. If you are not enrolled in courses, restrictions may apply. Below are scenarios.

New, or returning former student: Once you initially open or re-open a Pipeline account by applying to the college, you are given access to most features and resources, but full access won’t be granted until you enroll in a course. Until then, the following restrictions apply:

  • Pipeline email: Sending and receiving email to SBCC email accounts only (xxx@sbcc.edu or xxx@pipeline.sbcc.edu) Email to and from non-SBCC email accounts will not be sent or received.
  • Pipeline Google Apps: No access to google drive, docs, sheets, forms, and slides.
    The day after you enroll in a course, those restrictions are lifted and you will have full access.

If you do not enroll and complete a course within two regular semesters (Spring or Fall) the limited access google account will be subjected to deprovisioning and eventually deleted. (Note: academic records, personal information, transcripts, etc., will not be deleted and are kept in Admissions and Records.)