B. Computer Guidelines

  1. The computers in this lab are intended to be used to complete ESL/SoML- related assignments. Non-appropriate use includes: games, chatting, music videos, dating services, racist material, and sexually explicit or pornographic material or material that could injure/offend others.  This is a computer lab.  You must work on computer assignments and use the computer to receive credit.  Please use the library to do your work on group projects that do not require the use of a computer.  At peak hours there may be students waiting for a computer.  During these times, if you are not working on an ESL/Modern Language computer assignment, you will be asked to give up your computer.
  2. Printing is .10 per page for black and white, and .25 per page for color.
  3. Retrieval or transmission from the Internet of racist material, sexually explicit or pornographic material or material that could injure or offend others is prohibited.
  4. Changing computer settings (desktop), adding sound, deleting files, or installing software is not allowed.
  5. Once you have checked in, do not leave the lab for more than 10 minutes.  If your computer is left vacant for more than 10 minutes it will be assigned to someone else.
  6. The computer lab personnel is not responsible for items left, lost or stolen in the facility; never leave your items unattended.
  7. At peak times, students may be restricted to 2 hours per session or less in order to accommodate students who are waiting.
  8. There is absolutely no food, gum, or drink allowed in the lab.
  9. Because of limited space between workstations only checked-in students can be in the lab.
  10. Children not enrolled in a SBCC class or classes are not allowed in the lab.
  11. Rude Behavior such as shouting, cursing, or otherwise disrupting other students will not be tolerated.  Rude behavior toward Computer Lab staff may cause you to lose your lab privileges immediately and your instructor will be notified.

Student Conduct

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in corrective measures from the lab staff. The following procedure will be used when dealing with student misconduct:

1st Offense- Student will be given a verbal warning from a member of the lab staff that their behavior is in violation of lab policies.

2nd Offense- The student will receive a written warning that will be kept on file in the lab.

3rd Offense- Student will be suspended from the lab for 2 days and the lab staff will notify their instructor of the students behavior.  You will be asked to make an appointment with Dr. Christopher Johnson, Associate Dean of Student Support Services, DSPS, in the Campus Center Building, Room CC-222, 805-965-0581 ext. 2278, before you can use the ESL/SoML lab again.

*any further offense will result in indefinite suspension from the lab.*

**Failure to follow These Guidelines May Lead to Revocation of Lab Privileges**

WARNING: Your computer activities may be monitored remotely, without any warning or indication. Your use of this computer station demonstrates your willingness to follow and agree to all of the policies set forth by SBCC.