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Your Transfer Priorities & Options


Being aware of your priorities and preferences helps you in defining and achieving your transfer goal. To a large extent, your transfer priority determines your available transfer options.  As you progress and have more information and experience, your priorities and preferences might change.

Review the transfer priorities listed below and and select your top priority to learn about your transfer options and strategies.

My transfer priority is...

Transferring in the shortest time possible (2 years or less).

Transferring to a specific university (e.g. UCSB). 

Being admitted and graduating with a degree in my major

Transferring to a university that does not require a transferable math course for admission.

Transferring to a university in a specific geographic area. 

Transferring to a university that that I can afford so I will have minimal or no student loan debt.

Transferring to a university where part-time study is allowed.

Achieving the highest GPA possible.


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