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What if I'm Not Admitted?

Chances are, being denied admission to a university, especially if it is y your first choice university, was not in your transfer game plan.  It is typical at this point to feel completely unprepared for your next steps and full of mixed, conflicting emotions. It is important that you acknowledge and process your disappointment so that you can create and execute your next course of action. Here are some tips for coping with being denied. 

Next Steps

  • Contact the Admissions Office at the university to find out why you were denied. Was it your G.P.A.? Not enough transferable units? Missing courses required for eligibility or selection for your major? Be aware that some universities that are highly selective and/or employ a holistic review of the applicant (UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, etc.) might not be able to provide you with a specific reason for why you were denied since multiple factors are taken into consideration in the admission decision. You can use the Why I was Denied Admission Worksheet to help you better understand your options.
  • If you believe the university made a mistake in calculating your units and or G.P.A., meet with a SBCC counselor to evaluate your transcripts. Please bring copies of all your transcripts to the meeting and share with the counselor why the university denied you.
  • Decide which option/s you want to pursue: appeal the admission decision, accept another university's offer of admission, apply to additional universities that are still accepting applications, or transfer for a later term.


Should I Appeal My Admission Decision? 

Should I Accept Another University's Offer of Admission?

Should I Apply to Other Universities that are still accepting applications?

Should I Wait and Transfer for a Later Term/Reapply?













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