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Student Senate

All students at Santa Barbara City College are encouraged and invited to participate in the governance of the Associated Students. Student elections are held during each Spring Semester or students are selected in the Fall by the College's Vice Presidents, Deans, and Instructors. Many Student Senators are dedicated individuals who have full time college schedules, time consuming jobs and other outside interests. And yet, they are fully committed to creating a better campus environment in which students may learn, study and come to know one another. The Student Senate plays an important role in the decision making process at the College while providing a wide variety of services and activities that enhance the total student experience. The Student Senate represents students' needs and concerns. They participate as voting members on many of the College's advisory committees. The Senate meets weekly to discuss and take action on key campus issues. As a part of the process, students learn about parliamentary law, student leadership principals, group dynamics, communication techniques, goal and budget development, publicity, media techniques, college shared governance and other related skills that will serve them in their later careers. Check the Student Senate display window located outside the main entrance to the Campus Center for meeting date and time information.


To unite the Associated Student Body of Santa Barbara City College through dedication, diligence, representation, and involvement.


Through forward thinking, effective communication and active representation, the Student Senate will develop an integrated community that is empowered to build a greater Santa Barbara City College.


  • To ensure effective student representation in the College shared governance process.
  • To further cooperation and communication between students, faculty, classified staff, administration, and the community.
  • To oversee the activities of student clubs and organizations.


  • Merchants' bazaars
  • Inter-Club Council
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Political candidate forums
  • Inter-campus committees
  • Leadership seminars


  • Student Club financial support
  • Co-sponsorship of campus events
  • Voter registration

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