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Co-Curricular Transcripts

1. What is the co-curricular transcript?
The co-curricular transcript is an official record of the co-curricular activities and accomplishments of Santa Barbara City College students.

2. How is the co-curricular transcript used?
Official copies of the co-curricular transcript are used to complement your academic transcript and resume for applications to 4-year colleges and universities and prospective employers.

3. What type of activities should be submitted?
The co-curricular transcript is divided into four sections:

a. Leadership activities: includes any leadership role in any organization, activities, or program of any duration, i.e. ASB president, student government member, student trustee, committee club president, athletic team captain, etc.

b. Professional or educational development: includes participation in any extracurricular learning experience, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, training programs, campus organized volunteer service experiences generally related to personal or professional development, non-credit co-op/internship, ASB Leadership Conferences,, etc.

c. Honors, awards, recognition: includes any type of formal recognition bestowed on you individually or as part of a group such as Outstanding Student Awards Banquet, Foundation Scholarship, President’s Honor Roll, intercollegiate athletic recognition, etc.

d. Participation: includes membership in any organization, activity, athletic team, community service and theater or music production.

4. Should I include employment experiences?
Employment experiences may be included only if they are connected to your educational experience such as an hourly or general student employee position and/or internships in which no academic credit was granted.

5. When should entries be submitted?
Items you wish to submit should be sent to the Office of Student Life (located in Campus Center 217) with proper validation as soon after completion of the activity as possible. We will not refuse items based on dates as long as proper validation is received.

6. Why not wait until my last year to complete my transcript?
Experience with the co-curricular transcript indicates that your transcript will be more complete and accurate if you submit entries as soon as possible upon completion. You should review your transcript each semester or at a minimum each year.

7. How do I submit entries for my transcript?
Forms are available in the Office of Student Life (or can be downloaded from the Office of Student Life home page) for you to submit entries. The forms ask for descriptive information and a validation of your participation by the appropriate person. You may drop the forms in campus mail, bring them in person, or mail them to the Office of Student Life.

8. Will entries be submitted if I continue participation in the group or hold the same or different office for an additional year?
Yes, your transcript will show your participation and office held for each semester.

9. Must all entries be validated?
Yes! Entries will not be entered without appropriate validation. The Office of Student Life will have final approval of what types of entries will be accepted and who is the appropriate person to validate the information.

10. Who can validate my entries?
Validations must be provided by a non-student official representative directly associated with the activity (i.e. Faculty Advisor, Student Program Advisor, etc.).

11. What do I do if I have a problem obtaining a validation signature?
Contact the Office of Student Life, Campus Center 217, at (805) 965-0581 ext. 2262.

12. Can entries be deleted?
Yes, but you must request the deletion in person in the Office of Student Life.

13. Where can I get more forms?
Contact the Office of Student Life located in Campus Center 217 or download Entry and Validation Form.

14. Where can I get help with my entries or have my questions answered?
Contact the Office of Student Life (805) 965-0581 ext. 2262, Campus Center 217. 

15. How may I view or order copies of my transcript?
Orders should be placed in the Office of Student Life at least two weeks prior to the date you need them or download a
Co-CurricularTranscript Release Form.  To receive an unofficial copy of your co-curricular transcript, please contact the Office of Student Life.

16. Can my transcripts be edited?
You can request corrections to the content of your transcript by contacting the Office of Student Life.

17. Can my co-curricular transcript be mailed to a 4-year college, university or employer?
Typically the co-curricular transcript is mailed directly to the student. The student may reproduce as many copies as needed and send them to prospective colleges, universities and/or employers. The Office of Student Life will send students a copy as needed upon request. Please use the form provided and be sure to include your name, student ID number, and date of last attendance at Santa Barbara City College.

18. Who has access to my co-curricular transcripts?
Appropriate College personnel have access to view these records but only the Office of Student Life will release them to a third party with your written request.

19. How long are my records kept after graduation?
We will keep records for at least five years after graduation and longer if space permits.

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