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Why a guild for the Quire of Voyces?

The Quire has been very fortunate to reach a high degree of excellence, but the success of the Quire is not possible without the financial and volunteer efforts from the Santa Barbara Community. The  guild promotes as appreciation of the Quire of Voyces and assists with  fundraising and volunteering.Guild members enable the singers to concentrate on performing by  covering the logistics of concerts and creating a serene environment for the audience.
Want to Contribute and Find Fulfillment?
When you join the Guild, you give a part of yourself to your  community. Knowing that you have contributed to others is fulfilling.  As a member you also reap personal benefits such as learning the   "backstage" aspects of the Quire, enjoying better health and expanding  your social circle.You also gain the satisfaction of knowing that your  membership fees provide financial scholarships for the singers. We can  never have too many Guild members. No matter what your interests or  talents we welcome you.
Benefits of guild Membership
Excellent opportunities to meet others who love the finest choral music. A short musical program by Quire members at each Guild Meeting. An invitation to a private reception with singers and Board membersBe a part of a growing, exciting support organization.