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 Spanish Program -The Spanish language courses, as an integral part of the humanities program, prepare students for transfer to a university with strong second language skills and knowledge about cultural attitudes of Spanish speakers.

In addition to careers in education and business, Spanish provides occupational opportunities in all areas in which it is advantageous to be bilingual in English and Spanish. This skill is especially useful in California. Knowledge of Spanish may complement careers such as foreign service officer, foreign correspondent, travel agent, teacher, international banker, lawyer, export and import employee, legal secretary, receptionist, nurse, interpreter, social worker, government employee and medical doctor.

The curriculum of Santa Barbara City College’s Spanish Program provides instruction in aural comprehension, speaking, reading and writing, from beginning to third-year levels. SPAN 101 and 102 introduce the student to basic grammar, vocabulary, communicative functions, with an introduction to the culture of Spanish speakers. SPAN 103 and 104 expand the grammatical base established in the beginning levels, and includes extensive readings to increase vocabulary and phraseology of idiomatic expressions. SPAN 115, 132, and 135 respond to special needs and the growing demand for knowledge of Hispanic cultures and literature. SPAN 146 and 147 are designed to reinforce the Spanish language skills of native speakers. SPAN 150 and 160 concentrate on refining the knowledge and use of the language. The conversation courses (SPAN 120, 130, 140) emphasize oral self-expression.

The Spanish Program also has Study Abroad programs in Mexico, Costa Rica, South America and Spain. Interested students should contact the Study Abroad Office, ext. 2494.

Faculty & Offices 
Juan J. Casillas (H-311, ext. 2486)
Dina G. Castillo, Spanish Major Adviser (H-323, ext. 2408)
Dr. Francisco Rodriguez (H-322, ext. 2898)
Dr. Ana Maria Ygualt (H-313, ext. 2406), Sigma Delta Mu Spanish Honor Society Adviser
Dr. Sonia Zúñiga-Lomeli (H-309, ext. 2506)


Honors and Awards

Outstanding Student 
Each Spring Semester at the Outstanding Students Awards Banquet, two students are celebrated as distinguished Modern Languages students. Selections are made on the basis of academic excellence and linguistic achievement.

Francisco Moreno Santacruz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to transfer students who intend to study Spanish at a four-year college or university immediately following graduation from SBCC, with the goal of either a major or a minor in Spanish language studies. Applicants must carry at least twelve (12) units and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their Spanish language studies. Applicants may be U.S. citizens, international students, or have permanent resident status. Recipients must use the award for tuition, fees, books, and/or expenses of living, childcare, transportation, and/or travel related to the Spanish language. Selection shall include review of a standard scholarship application and personal essay. Award of this scholarship is based solely on academic achievement. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office (SS-217).

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