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Opinion Pages

  • The masthead will always run.
  • Conflicts among columns, letters and/or editorials caused by space limitations on the opinion page shall be resolved by the editor in chief and the opinion editor.
  • In general, letters have priority over all other items on the opinion page. Which items shall be published shall be determined on the basis of the available editorials, columns and other materials for the opinion page.
  • Columns and letters may be run on news pages depending on circumstances and at the discretion of the editor in chief as long as they are clearly labeled.
  • All art expressing an opinion shall come before the Editorial Board for discussion and a vote on its suitability and consistency with Roundup policies.
  • A vote is taken to determine whether the board believes the art contains any objectionable material.
  • Another vote may be taken if the board wishes to have the art run under the editorial standing head, thereby making it the opinion of the paper; the vote must be unanimous.
  • The opinion page is the result of the effort of the entire Editorial Board and not of the opinion editor alone.

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