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Managing Editor/News Editor

Job Description

The managing editor is the secondary leadership position at The Channels. The managing editor provides support to the editor in chief in his or her myriad duties, and should assume primary responsibility in mutually agreed on areas. In rare cases where the editor in chief is unable to assume her or his key duties, the managing editor is authorized to act in the EIC’s stead.

The managing editor is also the primary assignment supervisor. In this capacity, the ME is responsible for preparing The Channels budget and supervising each section editor in making assignments to the staff.

  • At the start of each semester, confers with editor in chief and agrees on those areas in which the ME will assume responsibility.
  • Attends editorial board meetings and keeps notes of all story and art ideas, long- and short-term, discussed by board members.
  • Prepares the weekly budget.
  • Compiles section budgets for the staff and updates if applicable, by staff meeting.
  • Writes budgets summaries as complete as possible, including suggested sources, to give staff members benefit of editorial board discussion about the assignment.
  • Gives every editor and staffer, along with the adviser and LTA, a copy of the budget. It should also be stored in The Channels network.
  • The managing editor routinely checks with each section editor on the progress of his or her stories. The ME is the primary editor who checks directly with any reporter covering news.
  • Unless otherwise assigned, takes primary responsibility for Page 2, Campus News Briefs and Calendar.
  • Attends and participates in weekly staff meetings.

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