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Today’s students face increasing economic, academic and social pressures, which can lead to emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. These conditions may also compromise students’ academic achievements affecting their ability to stay in school. With At-Risk online interactive training, you will learn how to approach an at-risk student and motivate them to seek help

An estimated 1,350 suicides occur annually among college students, and 6% of college students say they have seriously considered suicide in the past year. Unfortunately, many of these students go unseen by counselors, leaving them, and others, at risk. At-Risk training can increase the number of people in the SBCC community who are able to identify and talk to students exhibiting signs of psychological distress, and motivate them to seek appropriate help.

Creating a safe and healthy campus is everyone's responsibility. These free At-Risk training tools help you identify and respond to at-risk behavior. In simulated, interactive scenarios, student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators learn to identify students experiencing psychological distress and then practice having conversations that motivate those them to seek help. Faculty members, and staff members who work with students can play an important role in ensuring students in mental distress receive the help and support they need.

Working with students on a daily basis provides a unique opportunity to notice warning signs of mental distress and to point them in the right direction for help. But how do you know what to look for and what to do when you notice warning signs?

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