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Parking structure at SBCC


Our Mission

With over 20,000 day and evening students and more than 500 college employees, it is not possible to provide a parking space for each individual. Because getting to class is the essential first step to succeeding in college, Commuter Programs works to ease traffic congestion on campus and to increase the accessibility of the College's educational facilities to all students, staff, faculty, and members of the community.

Commuter Programs works closely with student organizations, campus departments, college administrators, campus security, transportation providers, community organizations, elected officials, government representatives and other schools and businesses in order to educate the campus community on the consequences of our transportation choices and to implement programs to empower students and employees to consciously choose the forms of transportation we use.

Commuter Programs understands that some students, staff, and faculty must drive because of children, off-campus jobs, or personal health. However, because space is a limited campus resource, Commuter Programs strongly encourages the use of alternative forms of transportation and ridesharing by students, staff, and faculty whenever possible. Our transportation choices do affect our neighbors, the community, and the environment in which we live.

For any questions or to make a suggestion, email Transportation at or call (805) 965-0581 x2296


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