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Cathie Carroll 
Interpersonal Communication

Small-Group Communication

Cathie Carroll

I came to teaching later than most, having raised two sons before finishing my degrees in Human Communication.  Perhaps because I was older or because I was so verbal myself, I recognized my calling from the beginning.  After the first week in Interpersonal Communication and Small Group Communication courses, I knew that I wanted to become a Professor of Communication: to move from the back of the class to the front, so to speak.  I had never encountered anything that resonated with me the way Comm. Studies did.  I reached my goal after a lot of hard work and difficult life choices and I’ve never looked back.  After more than twenty years in the field, the exploration and study of human communication still fascinate me and I like nothing better than sharing that knowledge with SBCC students.   I’m incredibly fortunate and thankful to be a faculty member in the Communication Dept. at SBCC. Try taking a course in our department.  You’ll be glad you did!!


Darin Garard 
Communication Research Methods
Communication Theory

Darin GarardDr. Garard has been teaching at Santa Barbara City College since 1998.  He came to SBCC because of the opportunity to teach communication theory and research methods.  Dr. Garard earned his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, where he studied instructional communication, pedagogy, and student learning styles.  His current research interests include studying the individual and societal implications of social media, persuasive advertising campaigns, and person-centered message production.  When not in the classroom, he can often be found playing with his children or riding his Vespa.






Sarah Hock 
Introduction to Communication
Mediated Introduction to Communication
Mass Media and Society

 Sarah HockProf. Sarah Alford Hock has been teaching in the Communication Department at Santa Barbara City College since 2000. Prof. Hock has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication Studies and Spanish from Westmont College and a Master’s Degree in Communication from Pepperdine University. Her area of specialization is mass communication and her interests include studying current trends in brand management and the micro and macro level impacts of social media in culture.  In 2005, Prof. Hock was one of 20 faculty nationwide selected to participate in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Faculty Program in Hollywood.  She is also the Faculty Adviser for the Alpha Beta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society, the national honor society for Communication students with honors at 2 year institutions. SBCC’s Alpha Beta Chapter of Sigma Chi Eta was awarded national chapter of the year in 2009. Outside of the classroom, Prof. Hock and her family are involved in orphan advocacy work and outreach to Africa. She and her husband have two daughters from Ethiopia.


Carrie Cropley Hutchinson 
Interpersonal Communication
Mediated Interpersonal Communication
Business/Professional Communication
Mediated Business Communication

Carrie Cropley HutchinsonCarrie Cropley Hutchinson is a tenured Assistant Professor and the Course Director for Interpersonal Communication, Mediated Interpersonal Communication, Business/Professional Communication, and Mediated Business Communication. She obtained her M.A. from California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication, and her Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Intergroup Communication. Dr. Hutchinson enjoys traveling, and especially leading students on study abroad programs. Recent destinations through SBCC include Australia, India, and Rwanda.  Dr. Hutchinson has published two textbooks in her areas of expertise and enjoys writing about human communication for both business and pleasure. Her less cerebral interests include practicing yoga and singing in two local rock bands.


Tina Kistler 
Leadership Studies
Intercultural Communication
Internship in Communication

Tina Kistler Tina Kistler is an Associate Professor of Intercultural Communication, Leadership Studies, and Interpersonal Communication in addition to serving as the Department Chair for the Department of Communication.  Outside of the classroom, Tina is a passionate advocate for civil and human rights and is the faculty advisor for The Student Coalition, a student club that is focused on raising awareness about various human rights and international issues.

Cameron Sublett 
Public Speaking
Introduction to Communication
Argumentation and Debate 

Cameron SublettAs the newest member of the Department of Communication, Cameron Sublett has been teaching at Santa Barbara City College since 2008.  He teaches courses in Public Speaking, Introduction to Communication, and Argumentation & Debate where he aims to foster discussion on the intersection of human behavior, meaning, and society. His areas of research/interest include rhetoric and public address, argumentation theory, political communication, human language, and neurological processes related to human interaction.

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